Nintendo Switch Video Game Console with Neon Blue & Red Joy-Con


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The Nintendo Switch Console is easily the most popular game console today. It boasts far more reviews than any other game system. Those of us who recall the early days of video gaming back in the 80’s remember it was Atari & then Nintendo who pioneered home video game systems. Those games were so basic, low resolution and played on small tv screens (even black & white) but provided endless hours of fun and excitement for one, two or even the whole family.

About 40 years later now, while Atari has become a historic relic, Nintendo is still in the game alive and well. Today Nintendo currently boast 2 of the most popular game systems ever made – the Wii & the Switch. And the games have evolved light years from the 80’s, with today’s games offering super high res graphics that are just like a regular cartoon picture. Combined with today’s super large high res tv screens the result is amazing. Plus the expanded content & depth of todays’ Nintendo games provides an ever fresh gaming experience. 

The Nintendo Switch offers the same good & wholesome family fun that Nintendo always has. Here’s some of the awesome features that reviewers keep raving about:

  • It’s portable & lightweight while solidly constructed. Can be played as portable handheld device or on your big screen tv
  • Has an ever growing selection of games & offers options by cartridges, downloads or online subscriptions
  • Indie games compatability
  • Nintendo has done it again ! Nintendo’s longterm vision means a system that will last years. Others game systems come and go as  manufacturer stop putting out new games
  • Simplicity, durability & decent battery life